Jackie Junko

Jackie Junko and The Old Ship Yard is an original interactive storybook. Beautifully crafted and marvellously illustrated, this 15-page adventure story will have little explorers joining in and wanting to read and experience Jackie’s naughty little escapade over and over again!

Jackie Junko storybook app by Springy Thingy

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Springy Thingy's Insect Lab app

Insect Lab (coming soon)

Fill the test tube, shake the jar, turn the wheel, pull the lever and push the button; its all in a days work in Springy Thingy's insect lab. Step inside and build your own bug, create a new little species all on your own. Name it, photograph it and then share it with your friends!


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Springy Thingy is a creative design company based in London with extensive experience working within the children’s learning and entertainment industries. We have our roots firmly in designing fun for the little ones and believe that learning and reading should be enjoyable as well as an engaging experience for the young learner, their parents and teachers.



Aneesha Lowni, Co-founder Writer, Fundraiser and Producer. Over ten years experience working in the London arts sectors as a Project & Events Manager. Three years spent teaching primary school kids and one year working as an English Editor for an international publishing house.


Arash Lowni, Co-founder Digital Creative Director . Over fifteen years experience working within childrens entertainment.

Clients include Disney/Pixar, Cartoon Network Warner, and Childrens BBC.



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